Spotlight on Vinylmation

BlindBoxes Spotlights

Disney Vinylmation collectables were arguably the first mainstream blind boxed collectables. While others like KidRobot and Medicom had been producing mystery packaged vinyl collectables for years, Disney’s distribution made it the first many had ever seen. The idea of inviting artists to come paint original designs on the familiar Mickey Mouse mold was also taken from its predecessors like Dunny and Be@rbrick which were among the most popular). These days Disney has taken its foot of the pedal some, releasing a new series or two per month where there were once a couple every week, but Disney Vinylmation remains the best known today.

The BlindBoxes store features the largest selection you’ll find in any store. Prices are generally driven higher by the fact that Disney does not make these available at wholesale outside its own stores. Sealed boxes can sometimes be risky to buy online as they may be tampered with, but built its inventory from sealed cases purchased directly from Disney (usually at full retail price). With some now many years old and long out of print, these once high prices are now considered reasonable by most collectors.