Getting Products for Online Reviews

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Increasingly, is fielding regular requests for free product in exchange for online reviews; now on an almost daily basis. This article is not meant to discourage, but to explain the reality of this store’s ability to support these kinds of requests.

First, it should be understood that is not a large company with a significant marketing budget. Second, it should be understood that does not manufacturer or produce any of the products sold. With these two facts in mind, it should be clear that sending free, or even discounted, products to reviewers is a huge request. BlindBoxes would love to say yes to everyone and get the exposure that such reviews would bring, but it simply is not possible.

We cannot send out free products. The inventory and shipping costs simply cannot be absorbed by the business. We also have such a large inventory of different items that even choosing which item to send for review would be a restrictive challenge.

We do however, offer discounts for reviews. If you post a video online and mention, a coupon for 20% off your next purchase will be provided. To let us know you’ve posted such a video, just post a link to your video in the Show Off forum and we’ll contact you with this special discount.

If you’d like a regular discount in exchange for ongoing online reviews, this can be negotiated. Here is the criteria:

  • If your YouTube channel has more than 10,000 subscribers, OR;
  • If you have posted a video mentioning that has recived more than 10,000 views

We cannot offer a discount prior to having seen anything posted. Many like the idea of creating an unboxing channel on YouTube and simply don’t want to pay for the items to be opened. As stated, we simply cannot support this. The best thing to do is make a small purchase on your own, and post a video you think will be successful. If in that video you mention you got your items from, post a link to it in the Show Off forum and we’ll give you 20% off your next purchase. You can then make a larger purchase (as the discount applies to the entire purchase) for your next video. If you can get these videos to achieve either of the numbers specified above, please use the contact form to let us know so we can discuss an ongoing discount to support more such videos.

Will help you promote your videos?

Yes! Post to the Show Off forum and we will like, subscribe and add your video to our customer videos playlist to help get it noticed! If it’s really good, BlindBoxes can use its Twitter and Facebook presence to help amplify it even further!