BlindBoxes FAQ

This page aims to provide answers to the most common questions asked of BlindBoxes. If you have a question that is not answered here, please write and ask!

What is a blind box?

A blind box is a product sold in a box containing a random item from any one series. Like the hobby of collecting trading cards, you know what set you are buying from, but don’t know exactly what you’ve got until you open the package! It’s fun to open them up and see what’s inside a blind box!

Do you sell full cases?

While many blind boxes are listed individually, we may have multiple cases in stock. If you enter the quantity of a case, we will ship the box for the case when available. Where multiple cases were initially in stock, we will have some that are still sealed but we always break one case in order to photograph a sealed box for the store. If you are interested in a case, please try adding the case quantity to your shopping cart. If you can do so, we likely have a case and you may feel free to write and ask if the case is still sealed if you have concerns.

Why do some cost much more than others?

Many sets vary the odds of finding various items. Some are common (inexpensive) and some can be very rare (expensive). So it depends upon the set and the odds assigned to the item in question. Buying the one you want guarantees you get what you are after and can be a great opportunity when you only want one or two specific items, but you can always buy a blind box and hope for the best!

Sometimes even sealed blindboxes may cost more than expected. We price sealed boxes strictly based on how much we had to pay to obtain them. Some products, like the Disney Vinylmation figures, are not sold to stores at wholesale prices thus drive prices above retail, other items we get below wholesale and therefore sell at below retail.

What is a chaser?

Many sets contain one or more rare items that are more difficult to find known as chasers. Some sets provide specific odds of getting them, others use question marks to simply express that while rare, they won’t tell you firm odds of finding one. Due to the rare nature of chasers, they are often sought after and you can expect low stock if and when one is available in our shop.

Are blind boxes for kids?

For the most part, the answer is no they are not. With the exception of the Disney Vinylmation figures which are listed as suitable for children over age three, all other products are not designed or made for children. They are not for use or handling by anyone under the age of 15. The reason is that the products have not been tested for lead, phthalates or any other hazardous or potentially harmful materials. Blind Bags however, are often aimed at children and are free from such risks. Please see photo of packaging and/or contact us with any questions or concerns.

My item broke, will you replace it?

As you’ll see at any store selling blind or mystery packaged items, returns are a sensitive topic. Once an item is opened, it cannot be restocked or resold and there is a general concern that it would be too easy for anyone to claim a duplicate or unwanted design is “bad” in some way. Many items we sell are not toys but collectable figures and may not stand well up to play. However, it is certianly possible you may open an item and find it is irregular or defective in some way. If you should open a blind box/bag and find a problem with the contents, we will be happy to help connect you with the right people at the company in question. Just use our contact form to provide a photograph and details about your issue and we’ll help in any way we can.

The item I want is sold out, will you be getting more?

If it is an item still in print, we can get more and often do get more automatically. If you are looking to an older item, or something no longer in print, we will try. We restock old items and add new ones all the time and so we are constantly on the search. If there is a specific item you would like to see us get more of, please use the “Reviews and Comments” section to ask for it! This is the best way for us to judge demand and so those blind boxes with the most requests will get the most effort. Note that sometimes we have to pay more for out of print, rare items and that can affect the sale price in the store.

Do products ship with original packaging?

Yes! In the rare case where a figure may not have original packaging available, it will be spelled out explicitly in the description area. If you happen to not care about packaging, you can optionally choose not to have original packaging included during checkout.

My package arrived opened! What is up with that?

There are two common reasons for this:

1) You ordered a specific, opened item. We sell some open items so that you have the opportunity to choose a specific design (as opposed to a sealed box where you don’t know which you will receive). Unless otherwise noted, we ship all opened items in their original packaging which could lead to confusion if you did not realize you had selected an open item. We try to be very clear about this in the description of items to avoid any ordering mistakes.

2) You ordered a very old item or one with poor packaging. Some manufacturers do not glue boxes well or use cheap glue that cannot be subjected to any bending or pushing. Such bending or pushing may occur during shipment. We make sure all items are well sealed prior to shipment but (especially for BlindBoxes more than a few years old) cannot guarantee boxes will remain firmly closed. That said, inside you should find the bag fully enact (unless you ordered an open item, see #1).

Do you accept returns?

Due to the nature of blind boxed collectables, we cannot accept returns or issue refunds for opened blind boxes. However, we will issue refunds for items returned in new condition, unopened and suitable for sale, within 10 days of delivery. If the return is not due to an error on the part of, return shipping fees will be the responsibility of the customer.

How much does shipping cost?

At this time, we offer a $6 flat fee for shipping any sized order. For US customers, we offer free shipping if your order is over $100 in value.

Do you ship overseas?

Yes, we offer international shipping using the services of GlobalShopEx. Flat rate and free shipping offers do not apply. Just click “Click here for our international checkout” when viewing your cart. For details click here.

I have a review or unboxing site, can I get free or discounted product from

This is almost a daily request, so file under very frequently asked questions 🙂

We do not have any extra, damaged or otherwise free product to ship for review. What we can do is offer a discount for purchases made following your first review, of an amount that increases with the size of your audience.


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Will you help me promote my unboxing videos or product reviews?

Sure! Please post your video to our Facebook page or on our Show Off forum here at If you mention and/or include in your video description, we will also share your video and include it in our Unboxing Videos playlist that is also featured in our mobile application.