Tsum Tsum Stack Pack

Tsum Tsum Blind Bags (Mystery Stack Packs)

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Disney is producing much fewer Vinylmations than they used to. The current mystery packaged collectable from Disney is their Tsum Tsum series. They are available in several sizes and materials but for blind boxes, the focus is on the “Mystery Stack Packs” which contain one random Medium Figure along with a matching accessory. The very popular Figural Foam keychain series is …

Getting Products for Online Reviews

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Increasingly, BlindBoxes.com is fielding regular requests for free product in exchange for online reviews; now on an almost daily basis. This article is not meant to discourage, but to explain the reality of this store’s ability to support these kinds of requests. First, it should be understood that BlindBoxes.com is not a large company with a significant marketing budget. Second, it …

Marvel Ooshies are Here!

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New from Jakks Pacific and Headstart comes a new series of Ooshies– this time of Marvel characters. These collectable pencil toppers come one per bag and feature a wide range of Marvel heroes and villains.   There are 40 to collect in this first series including many rare and limited edition characters.  

Suicide Squad Movie and Blind Boxes

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If you caught it in the theater or missed it, you may be interested in the news that it has just been released to own via the Playstation Store, not just the movie but a special extended cut with bonus footage (as well as a copy of the theatrical release). And if you like the movie, you’ll be happy to …

Dunny Case Exclusive Giveaway

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The Odd Ones series of Dunnys are designed by Scott Tolleson and produced by Kidrobot. There are 13 standard characters plus one chase figure in the series. This figure is a bonus, rare case exclusive figure provided to select retailers. They are typically sold as an incentive to purchase a full case of Dunnys, and even then only for early buyers …