Digital Blind Boxes

Introducing digital blind boxes! These high-quality NFTs blind boxes are available exclusively on the Wax blockchain. For drops and to open packs, check out our site on NeftyBlocks and to buy and you can buy and sell your digital blind boxes with other collectors on the Atomic Marketplace.

Mutations (Series 1)

Reminiscent of America’s favorite cartoon family, these guys spent a little too much time swimming in Nuclear Lake by the Springfield power plant.

A limited series of 500 including 12 figures with varying rarities. Coming in November 2022

Creatures of The Deep (Series 1)

There are repercussions for the pollution of our oceans. Let’s all hope these fun little guys remain in digital blind box form only. But if you should find yourself taking a dip in the deep sea– look out below.

A limited series including 8 figures with varying rarities. Coming in October 2022

Alien Robots (Series 1)

Robotic? Organic? They’re trouble that’s for sure. Enjoy these digital creations because the real thing might actually hurt you!

A limited series including 10 figures with varying rarities. Coming in December 2022

Frequently Asked Questions

Why digital blind boxes?

Digital is the future! There are so many benefits including the fact that they take up no storage space, are forever in mint condition, and can be easily sold to other collectors with no shipping in a second.

Where can I buy a virtual blind box?

Virtual blind boxes are available via our NeftyBlocks site where you can also open your blind boxes (or “packs”). Unopened and opened, you can find other collectors selling them in the online marketplace.

Are physical blind boxes available?

We have thousands of blind boxes in our store, but these you see here are digital only. In many cases, it would be impossible to produce a physical version of these creations due to cost, complexity, and (in some cases) what you see here defies physics.

Who is the creator?

Creator Bob Kelly uses multiple techniques to create these one of a kind images. Bob has been experimenting with NFTs for years now under the RWK Systems banner with projects like CraftBeerSpots featuring breweries, bottle shops and bars from around the world and CraftBeerArt featuring artists known for their work creating labels for craft beer.

What makes them collectable?

Can you save the images to your device free? Sure you can, but it is like having a reproduction of an artist print versus a numbered edition. Both may have some value, but the exclusivity of a numbered edition is special to collectors. These digital blind boxes are known in the industry as NFTs and there are many that expect this to become a mainstream hobby in the near future.