Tokidoki blind boxed collectables are very popular with young girls, and those young-at-heart. Blind boxed in mystery packaging so you don’t know which character you’ll get, you can choose from several series of characters including Moofia, Cactus Kitties, Donutella, UnicornO, MermicornO and more! The odds of getting any particular figure range from 1 in 12 to some very rare figures that are especially difficult to find. Unlike most blind boxes, pictures of the figures and odds are not provided making what you may find even more of a mystery!

Tokidoki actually means “sometimes” in Japanese. And is a ┬áJapanese-inspired lifestyle brand which was created in 2005 by Italian artist Simone Legno. Hugely successful, you’ll find Tokidoki characters and designs on bags, clothing and more– but especially these fun collectable toys. Which one will you get!?

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