Disney Vinylmation collectables are mystery packaged vinyl statues of Micky Mouse painted in various character themes. Based mostly on Disney’s parks and movies, as Disney brands have grown, as have the many series they have offered for Vinylmation which now include Star Wars and Marvel. All are limited run series and a majority of those listed here are rare and out of print. Trading or purchasing, open or sealed, these designer art toys are fun to collect. Most series consist of 12 figures including one especially rare “chase” or mystery figure, so odds of the chase figure are 1/24 and the others are 1/12. At one point there were several new series released every month, but now only a few are regularly available making these highly collectable art toys. For sale here you will find open blind boxes and sealed blind boxes. Unless otherwise specified all are shipped in thier original packaging (box and foil bag). Many older series included artist cards and such are also included unless otherwise specified for individual items.

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