Loyal Subjects, G.I. Joe, Series 1, Blind Box


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G.I. JOE Mini Series! Designed by Les Schettkoe. Under License from Hasbro, Inc. Copyright 2012 Hasbro, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Series 1 is the first release of G.I. Joe mini figures and it’s packed with some of your favorite characters. COBRA COMMANDER, DESTRO, DUKE, SNAKE EYES, ZARTAN, STORM SHADOW, GUNG-HO, SNOW JOB and TWO Chase figures! This collection is stacked! Even better? It’s a blindbox series! We’ll keep you guessing but chances are, you’ll get one of your favorite G.I. JOE or COBRA characters!

Stats – The G.I. JOE mini series is 3” tall (a bit bigger than the rest of the minis on the market). There are multiple points of articulation. Each character has unique sculpted features. Each character has accessories and weapons and all weapons are interchangeable

  • Each Figure is 2/case in most displays
  • Three Chase figures – one revealed =)
  • Designed by Les Schettkoe
  • Even has the old school peg hole in the back to fit the back packs!