Portal 2, Series 3, Blind Box Turrets


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Collect all the miniature sentry turrets and create your own turret army on your desk

Dimensions: 3″ tall

Series 3 contains 6 different patterns, each comes in both open and closed position, plus figures of the Sphere and Cube

  • Sentry Turret (open and closed)
  • Red Turret (open and closed)
  • Yellow Turret (open and closed)
  • Lightning Turret (open and closed)
  • Snakeskin Turret (open and closed)
  • Peacock Turret (open and closed)
  • Weighted Storage Cube
  • Activated Weighted Storage Cube
  • Weighted Companion Cube
  • Activated Companion Cube
  • Wheatley
  • Space Sphere
  • Face Sphere
  • When Wheatley met GlaDOS
  • Original Companion Cube & Hoopy
  • PotatOS in Nest with Crow