Superbastard, Blind Box

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Super-Bastard Box Art Character Toys designed and created by Undoboy.

Special! While already deeply discounted, if you purchase between 10 and 30 boxes and get an additional 30% off each item!

Characters include Uncle Sam, George W. Bush, Osama bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, Queen Elizabeth II, Mother Teresa, a mummy, a Japanese wrestler, a cave man, dominatrix and so on. The toys are designed so that you can detach the head or the pants. Once removed, it reveals either a skull or underwear

Each blind boxed toy is 4 inches tall with 4 different character designs (one per side) and is actually made of cardboard. Now I know what you are thinking but its not what you think. Each piece is quite sturdy and has a removable top (head) and bottom (legs) so you can play. The character art incorporates all kinds of Iconic images and pop culture references. Creative, Funny, Stylish, and Kitschy all at the same time. There are 16 different pieces in the set and you get one of each blindly assorted per carton.

I encourage you to check out There are great turnaround images of all the pieces in the set along with a demo video.