Vinylmation, Jr. Series 13 (Star Wars Troopers), Blind Box


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Vinylmation Jr. Super Troopers, Sealed Box.

An army of Imperial Stormtroopers combine forces in this Vinylmation Jr. Series 13 Star Wars Troopers Tray. Each of the 11 known designs is blind boxed so you won’t know which one you’re getting, or it could be the mystery chaser.

Figures in this series include: Storm Trooper, Sand Trooper, Shadow Trooper, Scout Trooper, Snow Trooper, Clone Trooper, Clone Pilot, Arc Trooper, Clone Para-Trooper, Clone Commander, Shock Trooper, plus Mystery Figure or rare variant figures

Includes chain with lobster claw clasp
Designed by John Henselmeier
Vinyl / metal
1 1/2” H

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