Yummy World, Series 3 Keychain, Blind Box (4 Pack)

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This is the third in the popular series. First it was Yummy Deserts and Yummy Breakfast and now you can enjoy a whole Yummy World!

Are you a foodie?If you are, you will absolutely love these brand new Yummy World keychains. Hang them on your bag, backpack or your keychain!Collect the entire series of foodie keychains including the taco keychain, peas in pod keychain, watermelon keychain, raspberry keychain, cherry keychain, kiwi keychain, deviled eggs keychain, bacon keychain, peanut keychain, chocolate kiss keychain, gumdrops keychain, pistachio keychain, lemonade keychain, chile keychain, cake pop keychain & iced latte keychain. A full case is 24 units.

This item is priced to include 4 sealed blind boxes. 

Check out our quick look video for this series!