We Need A Place Like This…

    • May 10, 2017 at 10:36 am #40305
      Felton Frueh

      The blind box communities are too spread out. We need a centralized location, especially for the trading of doubles, the bane of the blind box fan’s existence. But all of the communities before this either fall apart, or are not large enough (this one included, on the latter point). If we could get thousands of people in one spot, we’d be able to move our doubles along pretty quickly, and trade them for stuff we needed.

      Anyway, I intend to come back here everyday to see how it’s going. I’m not usually an effusive poster on message boards, but I’ll try here.

      I collect:

      Kidrobot Simpsons, Kidrobot South Park, Kidrobot Futurama, Kidrobot Adult Swim, Kidrobot Bob’s Burgers (soon), Titans Doctor Who, Titans Cartoon Network, Titans Beatles, Funko Game of Thrones (series 1 and 2), RWBY and Deformeister One Piece.

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